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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Foreign Students in the US should have track for automatic citizenship

This reminded me of what I consider to be a very sad US policy - that is requiring foreign grad students who want to get degrees in the US to have to go through the same lengthy process of citizenship as any stupid immigrant.

I've had a couple friends from India in grad school who had to go back to india just to straighten out their papers... and working here on a visa is a nightmare if you are a foregin grad student.The fact is, we should be helping high-skilled (or potentially high skilled) people get their educations here by allowing them to skip the hassles of having to get particular work visas etc...

In other words, they should have a path to citizenship such that if they attend a 4 year college or grad school here and pass with X grade, they should be granted automatic citizenship. This acts not only as an incentive to attract smart foreigners to our country, but it also acts as an incentive to KEEP them here as US citizens and to continue contributing to our economy.

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