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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why Can't We All Just Get Along (and learn from each other)

To show the inappropriateness of accusing an entire social science of poor science while ignoring your own science’s shortcomings (…without sin cast the first stone…), I would like to sarcasstically point out the following:

Would a psychologist reduce human market behavior to marginal cost and benefit? Would a psychologist reduce most research to rigid mathematical models while avoiding social situational issues? Would a psychologist look down from their Ivory Tower and bemoan economists as being inferior and less rigourous in their analysis?

Maybe, maybe not...but economists don't seem to have problem doing the same to psychology.

My question - Why can't an economist be more like a psychologist? Why can't economists be more like that.


karl smith said...

The post was inappropriate and I took it down.

Garth said...

You're a good guy Karl. I partly pointed that post out because i don't want another good econ blog like yours turning into yet another blog of tunnel vision (we already have plenty of those).