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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama Speech Live blog

American Jobs Act

7:13 "Everything in this bill will be paid for"....ok ...when...and by whom and how does that effect the 'stimulus'???

7:15 "Payroll tax cut" ....ok already knew that....tried that...historically low impact on spending and jobs growth.

7:16: Classic "build in America" line...really pulls at your patriotic heartstrings don't it.

7:18: Government will cut red tape to infrastructure projects....this is interesting, but it kind of sounds like an oxymoron.

7:20: Part of money will be to hire public teachers....ok, my question is where and how is it decided where there are 'enough' teachers...the whole idea that you can never have enough teachers is idiotic.

7:21: Another year of unemployment button topic for sure. Doubt this would pass congress.

7:22: Love the calling out of Republicans signing that stupid line so far.

7:24: Answers where the money comes from. As expected he is going to pay it from the future.

7:27: We need a fairer tax code...yeah...I've seen that movie too. Show me the action.

7:28: I paraphrase: 'We can have our cake and eat it too, but we may need to vomit some of it up later.'

7:31: Cut screen to who I should have voted for....

7:32: I paraphrase: 'Dear businesses, please love me. Patriotism, Amurica, hell yeah!'

7:33: Obama says "America" for 1,323rd time

7:34: I paraphrase: 'Governments wastes money with unecessary regulations, that's why I've spent money to create this new government committee to study ....'

7:36: More "America," "Race to the Top," "Story of America" fluff

7:37: THERE's the Lincoln reference...knew it was gonna be him or Reagan.

7:39: "Could or could not" is not the issue, "should or should not" is the issue.

7:40: "The next election is 14 months away..." Yeah, and I feel like we are damned if we do and damned if do the other.

7:42: Set the stage for the next few months....apparently our government is going to be debating a 'stimulus' that, in the end, won't amount to anything anyway.


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