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Saturday, February 10, 2007

How to measure Bigotry

Here is an econ paper from our friends across the pond (in N. Ireland) on how to measure bigotry across western nations. Specificially, it measures hatred toward groups of muslims, other race individuals, immigrants, jews, and gays.

How hateful is the US? We are mildly bigoted. What arethe most hateful countries? Germany, Greece, Italy, and Northern Ireland. Who are the most accepting countries? Sweeden and Iceland!

What types of people are more likely to be biggoted: the older, male, religious, unhappy, financially not-well-off, right-winged, orderly, uneducated, retired, non-student.

That's who.


Anonymous said...

Are Judaism and Islam the only religions that one can be bigoted against? I didn't realise this.


Garth said...

no...but those are the ones that are measured in the paper ;).

I'm sure the reason the authors focused on those two were likley due to current event interests (Iraq war, Palestinian conflict....) I'm sure they mean no offense or to suggest that other religions can't be subjegated to bigotry.