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Thursday, February 1, 2007

"one cent" = five cents

This guy's point is the kind of thing where I'm sure hundreds of people thought about it for like a split second, then realized how stupid it was. First off, I'm against keeping the 1 cent piece and we talk about this very issue in my class, but the whole idea of revaluing pennies to 5 cents is just ...well, it's redneck. pennies are in circulation (life) a long time - does no one here see a problem?
Do this for me...Turn your penny over.
Now read the bottom.
What does it say?
Please note it does not say "five cents."
No, it doesn't - don't bother squinting, it won't change.

So...basically this guy wants to have the government mandate a change in value of the penny, without actually changing or removing existing pennies (at least for a long time). That just strikes me as very bootleg and unprofessional. Surely the richest nation in the world can use money that is properly inscribed! Imagine a foreigner coming here under this system. They get a penny and they think it's worth one cent (cause it says so), but it's really worth 5 cents. I see a scam ready to happen!

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