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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

blog worth

This site claims to tell you aproximately how much money your blog is valued at. They base pretty much their entire analysis on the fact that AOL paid $25 million for a portal site that hosted/linked etc to hundreds of other blogs. From that sale, and using link data, they determine aprox values of each individual blog. The applet above applies that to other sites as well. There are a whole host of assumption that make this a flawed way to determine market value. Below are a few, though feel free to come up with your own:

1. Uh, the values aren't determined by individual markets
2. It assumes the value of the blog conglomerate can be linearly disaggregated (think opposite of the sum of parts - it's alot like saying the value of an individual link is just some proportionate value of Google Corporation's search engine, and we KNOW the reverse ain't true!)
3. My blog sure as hell doesn't have a value of $4,000+. If someone offered me $100 to stop blogging tomorrow and give them my URL, I would gladly do it (and then start up a new one under a different name).

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