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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Religious Zealotry, Evil, and Barriers to Economic Growth

Archbishop Francisco Chimoio , who is head of the Mozambique Catholic Church, recently said the following:

"I know of two countries in Europe who are making condoms with (the) virus on purpose, they want to finish with African people as part of their program to colonize the continent. If we are not careful we will finish in one century."

“People must choose what they want between death and I propose to them that (abstinence) is the best way to fight HIV/AIDS.”

(From Reuters)

Of course, the Bishop failed to cite which European countries were supposedly doing this. He also failed to clarify how different condom companies are able to collude to systematically kill off the very population to which part of their revenues are dependent. And of course, the Bishop failed to cite what amazing new technology these companies employ to allow for HIV/AIDS to remain active and alive airborne and outside bodily fluids.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa is one of the largest barriers to economic growth that that continent faces. Using ones religious viewpoints to spread such 'fear' of using protection is not just disgraceful, it is evil and extremely harmful. It is evil because this Bishop is indirectly a murderer for spreading obvious lies that will kill countless more Africans. It is harmful (beyond the human element) because of the countless more deaths and lower standards of living caused by the indirect effect on economic growth.

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