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Monday, August 4, 2008

Starting To Worry Me

Obama's seeming continued flip-flopping is worrisome. And his "new" policies regarding tapping oil reserves (bad idea) and potential "environmentally friendly" offshore drilling (worse idea) are extremely disturbing to me.

Ok, so he's not really flip-flopping per se. He says he would only support offshore drilling as part of an unfortunate compromise necessary to pass his overall energy plan (which is sound). But my question is, how do you know such compromise would be necessary, especially given that the congress is likely to be heavily democratic. Why make concessions now?

It seems that McCain's misguided attacks are serving to throw Obama into a tailspin. If this is Obama's idea of "fighting back" then maybe he really isn't up to the task. I will never vote for McCain, but the Obama of the past month or so has me reconsidering him as well.


Anonymous said...

Obama presents an ambitious $150 billion plan to steer the country toward renewable and sustainable energy -- a plan that calls for one million 150-mpg hybrids within 6 years, supplying 10% of our national energy consumption with renewable sources within 4 years, reducing electricity demands by 15% through conservation, and completely weaning ourselves off foreign oil within 10 years -- and THIS is your analysis?

There may be legitimate reasons to be skeptical about Obama, but his use of these minor issues as bargaining chips aren't them, and you'd be a fool to vote for anyone else in November. Obama outlined the right plan, but what you should be asking is: how are we going to pay for it? Why not be part of the solution instead of the problem?

Garth said...

Oh I suppose my post was a little too dramatic - I have every intention of voting for Obama (though I don't think there is a problem in withholding your vote if you have issues with all the major candidates).

Nevertheless, I'm getting a little tired of him pandering to McCain's policies via flip flopping, or phrasings that could be construed as such. It's true his energy policy is, as both you and I point out, much more inspiring and useful than McCain's, but all this talk of tapping oil reserves and offshore drilling is pandering to Midwestern voters (I should know, I am one) and bowing down to McCain policies. I expected better of Obama and his behavior of late leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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