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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Indy

This should be my last post providing an update about Occupy Indy. I say this because Occupy Indy has apparently disbanded. As predicted, their leaderless cabal of people of no more than 5 at a time which have been camped out by the Statehouse for the last couple weeks is gone as of this weekend. Also, their 'official' (as official as a website not agreed to by 100% consensus can be) website hasn't been updated with any new posts in 2 weeks.

So, no known physical presence, no known up-to-date online presence = failure of message and of leadership.

Or, maybe I'm wrong and the group has dwindled down to such a small number that they've gone 'underground'. Doesn't strike me as particularly effective either way. Though evidence suggests this may be the case as there is another website (message board) that does have some recent activity on it.

According to one post on the board (by "Sanni"), they are planning on meeting at the Statehouse at 3 today to talk about a recent arrest - they didn't elaborate at the time I read the post as to who was arrested or why....

Here's a smattering of other recent board posts under "Events/Action", which obviously aims to tackle the major issues of our times:

I am thinking about setting up a freestyle instrument playing session on friday at 8pm.I know a really talented electric guitar player who can come out and just freestyle play it will be amazing I will work on a flyer and try to get more people to come play different instruments. Any Thoughts on this?? - guest

Its the Saturday before Halloween so let's celebrate! Bring the kids, we'll have safe trick or treating and maybe some surprises! Join us every Saturday at 12 noon for Solidarity Saturdays to show support for the Occupation of Wall Street to Main Street USA.- RDK1974

we dont have to vote to plan events. We can plan whatever we want. We can vote on whether the whole group will support the event but we as individuals can plan whatever we want. So please keep planning once the plans come together then we can present the plans and make sure the group as a whole endorse them but we do not need there vote to plan something thats the point of working groups.................. to plan and organize things............... then put them up for a vote after they are planned and there is something to vote on....... - guest

A poetry slam is a competitive event where poets go up against each other in rounds or do head to head competitions. It's very organized and fun and awesome.
That said, unless someone is planning all of that, this is not a poetry slam. It is an open mic reading. Please fix this. It is misleading to people who may show up expecting a slam. - DJ Shiva


Daniel MacDonald said...

I agree with your assessment and there certainly are tons of problems with the occupy movement. the decentralized nature leads to the types of manifestations of self-indulgence and immaturity which you suggest in this post.

But firstly, as heterodox economists we must not forget how big a role /momentum/ plays in social movements. #OWS has generated quite a bit of heat behind itself and can therefore propel itself for quite a while. And, secondly, it has the mainstream media talking about income disparities and debating other #OWS platforms such as the influence of elites in government like I've never seen before! What an achievement in and of itself.

But I agree that without something concrete, and SOON, all this potential is going to go to waste.

The Analyst said...

Hmm... the Occupy Winnipeg movement is still going (and in Winnipeg ice has started to form and a bit of snow is on the ground, so camping outside really is something of an accomplishment). Could it perhaps be some idiosyncrasies of the group in question rather than a general problem with decentralized decision making that's led to the breakdown? I would agree from my experience of observing an Occupy group for a few hours, though, that the Occupiers do get bogged down in petty squabbles over details. They still are responsible for shifting the national conversation (in the US and Canada) away from "how much government spending caused this crisis and how much we're going to *have* to cut with austerity measures" back to the what really caused the crisis (recklessness on Wallstreet and some other financial centres).

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